Order and payment methods

The online sales contract refers to the contract concerning the sale of goods at distance (hereinafter also referred to as Products) stipulated between the Customer and the Seller as part of an electronic commerce service organized by the Seller which, for this purpose, employs remote communication technology provided by a web platform.
Before proceeding with the purchase of the products, the Customer must carefully read the General Sales Conditions and keep a copy. Therefore, the order sent by the Customer implies full knowledge and full acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale.
As in most E-commerce sites, the Customer browsing the site has a cart in which to insert the products he intends to purchase. Once the selection has been completed and all the products have been placed in the cart, the customer proceeds (following the instructions provided by the website) to checkout, or payment of the order. The possible payment methods are indicated on the payment page and may vary depending on the country of destination of the goods and / or the Customer. WisecrewHats (Angiolo Frasconi S.r.l.) reserves the right, in a completely exceptional form and subject to written agreement with the Customer, to negotiate payment terms other than those indicated and / or provided on the site.
To conclude the purchase contract for one or more Products, the Customer must complete the order form in electronic format and send it to the Seller through the website, following the relative instructions, and proceed with payment in the manner indicated.
By transmitting the order via the Internet, the Customer unconditionally accepts and undertakes to observe, in relations with the Seller, these General Terms and Conditions of Sale.
The products are sold to the customer identified by the data entered when completing and sending the order form in electronic format with simultaneous acceptance of these general conditions of sale.
The Seller reserves the right to request, before proceeding with the shipment and by e-mail or the telephone indicated, further informations with reference to the order sent by the Customer or regarding identification data of the Customer.
The publication of the Products displayed on the Site constitutes a contractual offer and, therefore, the contract is concluded when the Seller receives the order form in the manner previously established, including payment.
The Seller reserves the right not to process purchase orders that are incomplete or incorrect, or in the event of unavailability of the products following the dispatch of the order. In these cases, the Seller will inform the Customer by e-mail within 15 days that the contract has not been concluded; at the same time the sum previously paid at the time of the order will be returned in the same way or with similar methods.
WisecrewHats (Angiolo Frasconi S.r.l.) does not provide for ways to extend orders already confirmed: each order is processed, registered, paid and sent separately.
If the Customer receives fraudulent charges or unforeseen amounts, he must immediately notify WisecrewHats (Angiolo Frasconi S.r.l.) by certified e-mail and / or registered mail, in order to facilitate timely intervention.
WisecrewHats (Angiolo Frasconi S.r.l.) uses payment systems with the highest possible security measures. Furthermore, WisecrewHats (Angiolo Frasconi S.r.l.) declares that it has no access and does not record data relating to the payment method used by the Customer. Only the agency/intermediary which processes the payment has access to these data, for the purpose of managing payments and receipts.

Prices and shipping methods

The prices shown on the Website are valid for individual transactions. The products marketed may change over time due to circumstances attributable and not attributable to WisecrewHats (Angiolo Frasconi S.r.l.). Consequently, the exact same product can be sold at different prices at different times.
Shipping costs are calculated based on individual orders. They are not included in the price of the product, but added to the cart of the selected products immediately before payment.
The shipping methods are indicated at the time of the checkout phase, WisecrewHats (Angiolo Frasconi S.r.l.) can offer the Customer various delivery methods for the product, differentiated by the cost and delivery times. WisecrewHats (Angiolo Frasconi S.r.l.) is not responsible for any delivery delays after the goods have been delivered to the established courier. These delays could be attributable to defects of the transporter and / or to any customs clearance procedures.
The risk of the products (among others, loss, compromise or theft) is transferred to the Customer from the moment the Products are made available to the Customer at the established delivery location.
The billing and delivery address will be indicated by the Customer at the time of purchase. If a different delivery address is not indicated, WisecrewHats (Angiolo Frasconi S.r.l.) will deliver the goods to the billing address. WisecreHats (Angiolo Frasconi S.r.l.) will not be liable in the event that the goods are delivered correctly to the address indicated by the Customer at the time of purchase, if the address in question does not correspond to the delivery location actually desired by the Customer.
At the time of delivery or collection at an order collection point, the Customer must show his identity document and sign the delivery note in the proposed format and note the observations and problems encountered at the time of delivery, such as obvious defects or handling of the Products or packaging. In the event that the bill is delivered in paper format, the Customer must request a copy of the delivery note to the carrier.
In the event that, following the receipt of the ordered Products, the Customer realizes that the packaging is damaged or, once the packaging has been opened, that the Products are damaged by transport, or different from those ordered or that are still missing Products relating to the same order, the Customer must notify WisecrewHats (Angiolo Frasconi Srl), as soon as possible and, if possible within a period of 5 natural days from delivery, to allow WisecrewHats (Angiolo Frasconi Srl) to report the defect to the carrier according to the provisions of art. 1698 of the civil code.
The shipment will contain within it:
- the products ordered;
- the transport receipt;
- accompanying documentation required based on the country of shipment;
- information material like brochure and depliant concerning our activity.
Where the recipient is absent, he will have to contact the courier directly through the notice that the courier will leave at the delivery address. In any case, the Seller will not be liable for any additional shipping costs or for any delivery delays, as the Seller may not in any way object to the failure to collect the goods after having the same fulfilled its obligation with the delivery to 'shipping address specified by the Customer.