About us

Our Products

The WisecrewHats are all designed and manufactured in Italy, in full respect of the craftsman's tradition and of Made in Italy. WisecrewHats offers an innovative product, as well as a meticulous attention to design and production quality thanks to the use of specialized labor.

The range of products that you will find will be in line with fashion trends and subject to continuous additions of new products: every season new proposals, new models and new materials.

Our Aim

WisecrewHats.com is a B2B platform: it was not designed and built for the distribution of products to the final consumer, but for their distribution to stores or other retailers. Globalization and the change in purchasing processes have made it so that an E-commerce platform has become fundamental for almost every merchandise sector.

WisecrewHats.com is a purchasing center for those who want to sell hats in their shop: we focus on simplicity of purchase through the E-commerce website, speed of delivery and maximum flexibility to have the right product at right time for the sale.

Our Brand

WisecrewHats is a young brand, despite this it has deep roots in the craftsman's tradition of hat production in Italy.
It is a brand designed for the exclusive E-Commerce, so it will not be possible to find it at fairs specialized in the supply of hats and headgear. The only possibility of
supplying is through the Web, more specifically the E-Commerce platform www.wisecrewhats.com.
The reason for our choice to use only the E-Commerce platform for sale is to want to give our customers anywhere in the world the opportunity to have a quick, simple and immediate tool to have our product available in own point of sale.